About Sinergia Group Holding

Sinergia holding is an investment house based in the Middle East that are currently concentrating on the furniture industry. Since 2012 Sinergia has established its companies throughout the Middle East and Europe.


ARCO IRISA, our printing press is currently based in Mersin Turkey offering new colors and designs through high quality products.


PRAZIA based in Beirut Lebanon is concentrating on surface solutions using modern technology. Prazia offers our clients a wide range of high gloss (UV) & very high gloss (CRYSTAL AMMONIA) boards for the furniture industry.

Supply chain network are available at PRAZIA, in order to provide our clients the highest quality and service at wholesale level.


LAMINTEC based in Saudi Arabia produces Melamine Faced MDF which consist of panels covered with decorative paper whereby Melamine resin impregnated decorative paper is pressed onto MDF or chipboard by low pressure presses.


FUTURE KITCHENS the retail store which is based in Saudi Arabia and combines all our products together providing high quality kitchens and accessories using all the products manufactured at Sinergia holding.


At Sinergia Holding we strive to provide our clients with the best quality products at competitive prices. With our team of professionals we aim to improve year by year, enhancing ourselves to provide the latest technologies in our products.