Company Profile

PRAZIA, based in Beirut Lebanon is concentrating on surface solutions using modern technology. Prazia offers our clients a wide range of high gloss (UV), very high gloss (CRYSTAL AMMONIA) and Matt (UV) Color boards for the furniture industry. Supply chain network are available, in order to provide our clients with the highest quality and service at wholesale level.


The main objective of establishing this company is quality excellence. For this reason, PRAZIA has used the latest surface solutions technologies, and has relied on the best quality products to satisfy the customer's needs.

The designing process goes through several stages under the supervision of experts in the field.


PRAZIA, has a wide range of colors ranging from Woody, Brills, Solid and Digitals offering an infinite amount of designs.

Digital Printing provides an endless amount of designs that will fit each clients needs. With the Digital printing we are providing the market with a new and rare technology that is creating a large and unique amount of designs for surfaces according to the clients needs.


PRAZIA is currently concentrating on raw materials for the furniture and interior Decoration world. We have a team of young professional designers who are working on providing brand new colors and designs that will fit your requests.